Jennie Stevens is an awesome copyeditor. . . . Her work is impeccable, professional, and she’s an expert at taking a manuscript to the next level. Working with her was a pleasure, and she’s easy to communicate with. I also found her style sheet, comments, suggestions, and edits to be incredibly valuable and easy to understand.

—Bestselling author Paul Genesse, author of Sakura: Intellectual Property

As only the best editors can, Jennie Stevens has perfected the art of making a manuscript shine while still honoring the author's voice. Her passion for the nuances of grammar and language is rivaled only by her eye for detail. I love working with her.

—Amber Argyle, author of Stolen Enchantress and Piper Prince

Jennie was the first of two copyeditors who worked on my debut YA fantasy thriller, The Phantom Forest. She went above and beyond, identifying not only grammatical/logic inconsistencies, but also making amazingly insightful points about characters and POV. I had never worked with a copyeditor before, as this was my first published book, and Jennie made me feel so comfortable and confident throughout the process. She’s the greatest cheerleader, and I cannot recommend her enough to authors at any level!

—Liz Kerin, author of The Phantom Forest

Jennie did an amazing job with my debut novel, The Living God. . . . Jennie was a pleasure to work with, going above and beyond just a simple copyedit. I loved hearing what she thought of the book once she finished. She didn't just read to fix the errors in my manuscript—she read to enjoy it too! Publishing your first book can be unnerving, but Jennie's kindness and encouraging nature made me feel more confident about my work. I look forward to working with her on future projects. 

—Kaytalin Platt, author of The Living God

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