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Editorial Services

I edit many genres and styles, from short stories to epic series. The majority of my experience is in YA or adult science fiction and fantasy.

I also have a background in historical fiction, primarily the Regency and Victorian eras. 

I offer a free 5–10-page sample edit. This helps me get a sense for the project and provide a more accurate estimate, and it helps you decide if my editing style is a good fit for your book. If you think I'd be a good addition to your team, I provide the following services:

Services: Services

Developmental Editing
$45 per hour

While my heart lies with copyediting, I also love to do the occasional developmental edit. I will read your book, cover to cover, and offer insight into your characters, setting, and plot. I provide comments and suggestions with the returned manuscript, as well as an editorial letter, which addresses what I love and what I think needs work.


$35 per hour

Copyediting encompasses a laundry list of grammar mistakes: spelling, hyphenation, usage, punctuation, continuity, etc. I will read your manuscript and suggest corrections in these areas, as well as comment or query when something needs clarification. If applicable, I will include a style sheet with your edited manuscript.


$30 per hour

Proofreading is generally done after a book has been formatted and typeset. I will scour your manuscript to find any errors left over from previous passes. (It happens to the best of us!) I will check line endings, pagination, and keep an eye out for those pesky widows and orphans (the typographical kind).

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